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NestEdge Realty has been in business for the better part of three years. In that time we have become an integral part of the Westchester real estate market, and we are providing opportunities for buyers and sellers that did not exist previously. We feel that NestEdge Realty is on the cutting edge of the rapidly changing real estate brokerage community.

Though I generally focus on Chappaqua homes for sale, Scarsdale homes for sale and homes for sale in Briarcliff Manor, our agents represent buyers and sellers throughout Westchester County. We work as far south as Pelham Manor and as far north as Katonah, Somers, and Goldens Bridge.

I love my new career. Unlike in the days where I worked a desk job on Wall Street, I love the fact that in my real estate career that no two days are ever the same. I can also say that no two clients that I have had have ever been the same either. Sure, my buyer clients who are looking for homes in Westchester County all seem to have a few things in common. Firstly, many are moving from the area in and around New York City to the northern suburbs. Most are seeking towns and villages that offer easy commutes from Westchester County to Manhattan. They are also generally trying to buy properties that will minimize the substantial Westchester County property taxes while also looking for homes that are zoned for a top-rated Westchester County School District.

With every new client comes an expanded knowledge base for myself and my agents. Some of the things I have learned along the way have been a reinforcement of the tried and true real estate rules and paradigms. Others have been things that I did not expect to be true. So what are some of these items?

Westchester County Real Estate Market in 2019

“A client buying a new home in Westchester County will not find the perfect property”

The perfect property does not exist. As is the case with most of my buyers, there is a wish list of several key items that a buyer wants in his or her new home. When a search starts, it becomes quickly apparent that the perfect property does not exist. Let’s say for example that a client is looking for homes for sale in Chappaqua or homes for sale in Scarsdale. Inevitably, even if we were to look at 50 homes, the client is going to discover that a compromise must be made eventually. Sometimes a client needs to accept less space. Or sometimes it’s accepting a home that needs upgrading. Or sometimes it’s not on the exact street or zoned for a specific elementary school. At The end of the day, I often need to sit with my clients and try to counsel them on what items become compromisable and what items they need to hold onto. The search will never end until a client settles on making some kind of a compromise. The perfect home only exists in our dreams.

“There is no such thing as a perfect transaction”

I have some transactions that are very smooth, and I have some transactions for Westchester County real estate that are a bumpy road and sometimes even full of deceit. Even in the smoothest transaction, there will be an issue somewhere along the way that is difficult to overcome. It may be an issue with an inspection, a buried oil tank or even a title issue that the attorney is working to clear. If a deal, no matter how many issues arise, can be closed in less than 60 days from the contract date, then your attorney and your real estate agent have done an incredible job. While the road is never perfectly smooth, at NestEdge Realty, we do make sure that you get to your destinations safely.

“The Listing Agent is probably not telling you the Entire Truth.”

When a buyer or a seller is represented by a real estate agent one of the key jobs of that agent is to use, for lack of a better term, his or her “bullshit sensors”. It is the listing agent’s job to get the best price and the most qualified buyer for his or her sellers. Knowing that the listing agent will generally offer a more favorable view as to the status of the listing then truly exists. Often times a listing agent will say things like “we have many bids” or “the seller is not very motivated”. An excellent real estate agent in Westchester County will be able to help decipher fact from fiction and assist his buyer clients in formalizing an affective bidding strategy.

“There will always be surprises in the inspection.”

This one relates to the adage of “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. I have been in many deals where I take an initial look at the property and expect that the inspection will turn up multiple defective items or serious issues needing attention. Conversely, I have seen many deals where a house looks to be in mint and turnkey condition that turns out to have significant problems such as needing a roof replacement or expensive corrections to a foundation. For this reason, it is especially essential that a buyer never forgo a formal home inspection by a licensed provider.

Broker Commission Rebate

At NestEdge Realty we are here not only to help the buyer and the seller navigate these difficult issues, but we are also here to offer an advantage that is not commonplace elsewhere. Firstly, for buyers, we offer a broker commission rebate that is larger than the Redfin refund that can help you to avoid the mansion tax or decrease your closing costs.

For selling a home in Westchester County, we offer low and competitive discounts that allow our sellers to keep their hard earned equity. Also, listing agents at NestEdge Realty attend showings and don’t rely on lockboxes to do their jobs for them.

Call us; we are ready to help you buy and sell real a state in Westchester County the smart way.