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Times Have Changed

NestEdge recognizes that the home buying process has changed significantly through technology. Home buyers now have access to the same listings as brokers.
​​​​​​​While brokers still play an integral role, is that service STILL worth up to 3% of the purchase price? Of course not!​​​​​​​

NestEdge puts that money back in your pocket by sharing its sales commission with the buyer.

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Have you already found a house that you were looking to buy? Tell us the address of the property and we will come back to you shortly with an estimate of how much of a tax-free broker commission rebate that we can offer.

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Same Services With a Modern Twist

Nestedge offers the same services as a traditional broker, with a modern twist.

The broker makes less commission and allows the home buyer to receive a tax-free rebate of up to 2% of the home purchase price.

Clients directly referred from paid sources such as Zillow & Trulia, clients who see more than 25 properties with our agents, and clients who have been engaged with NestEdge for 6 months prior to signing a contract are not eligible for a rebate. Rebates are also not offered on Land, Knock-downs, New Construction, or clients completing a concurrent purchase & sale.

Searching for a New Property

Suddenly your inbox is filled with suggestions from real estate agents. Your coffee table becomes overloaded with brochures and magazines packed with ideas and your lunch breaks are spent trawling through the internet and making phone calls to book viewings.

If you’re reading this, it is likely you have decided on Westchester County as the place you wish to buy a new home, and congratulations – you’ve made a great choice. From the famous Hudson River which flows through the county to the beautiful Mamaroneck Harbor, there are plenty of reasons why hundreds of thousands fall for the stunning scenery and lifestyle in in the county that borders New York City to the North.

Do You Have Questions?

We can address your queries and provide clarity on our innovative approach to home buying in Westchester County. Explore the intersection of traditional services and modern benefits, ensuring you make informed decisions throughout your journey with NestEdge. If you have questions, we have answers. Read on to navigate the key aspects of our approach and discover the advantages awaiting you.


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