There is a smarter way to buy and sell real estate in Westchester & Nassau County

Agents who SHARE their Commission with the Home Buyer as Cash Back, Tax-Free Rebates.

Heavily Discounted Commissions for Sellers.

How it works

NestEdge is revolutionizing home buying and selling in Westchester County by allowing its clients to share the commission paid to realtors. NestEdge offers all of the same services as traditional real estate brokers and puts money in your pocket.

Selling process

Step 1

Our agents work with you to prepare a pricing & marketing strategy and assist in preparing your home for sale. During this time, NestEdge hires a professional photographer to brilliantly capture your home.

Step 2

NestEdge lists your home on the MLS, Zillow and virtually thousands of other sites, pays for marketing on social media, arranges showings and negotiates a sale.

Step 3

NestEdge charges as low as 3%, which is half of what traditional brokers charge, allowing you to keep more of your hard earned equity.

Buying process

Step 1

Start searching HERE for homes that interest you and call NestEdge to start the process. Our Website has every listing from Zillow, Trulia, and the MLS.

Step 2

NestEdge performs the same tasks as a traditional real estate agent but will split the commission with you.

Step 3

Collect up to 2% of the purchase price of your home through a tax-free broker commission rebate.

Step 1

Start searching HERE for homes that interest you and call NestEdge to start the process. Our Website has every listing from Zillow, Trulia, and the MLS.

Step 2

NestEdge performs the same tasks as a traditional real estate agent but will split the commission with you.

Step 3

Collect up to 2% of the purchase price of your home through a tax-free broker commission rebate.

Recommended 100%

“We moved to Chappaqua from out of town. Luckily a friend introduced us to Matt who was super knowledgeable.

He educated us about the town and showed us a variety of home options at different price points, including turnkey and potential renovation projects.

Once we decided on a purchase, he was also instrumental in the transaction, helping to arrange financing and various service providers. This was super helpful given we relocated from another state.

His high level of service and responsiveness sets him apart and we certainly recommend him.

Jason Bernzweig, Chappaqua, NY

Beyond our expectations

“We used NestEdge for a home purchase and highly recommend them for anyone on the market to buy/sell a home. Matt is running a five-star service that is responsive, on point with the detail, and navigates stressful points with ease. Everyone is buried and busy due to COVID-19, and Matt and colleagues consistently “showed up”, beyond expectations. Very glad we stumbled on NestEdge!”

Jeff Barth, Rye, NY

A fun and stress-free experience

“Matt is terrific to work with. He is knowledgeable about all of Westchester and very patient!

He goes the extra mile when required and is always reachable and responsive.

It’s been a pleasure working with him.”

Nitin Singhal, Croton on Hudson, NY

He comes HIGHLY recommended

“Matt has been so helpful and patient with both me and my husband. Very insightful, helping us to get to know all the neighborhoods in Westchester we’ve been inquiring about.

We LOVE his website which has also been extremely helpful in our quest to find the perfect home.”

Noa Micelotta, Rye, NY

Save money by working with NestEdge Realty

NestEdge is a Westchester based Real Estate Brokerage firm that is technology forward and markedly unique. We offer a greater level of service than traditional brokers, while charging half the fees to our home sellers and allowing our home buyers to earn significant tax-free rebates.


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Frequently asked questions

When will I receive my rebate?

You will receive a rebate check NO LATER than 24 hours after the closing of your new home. In most cases, you will receive the rebate at the closing.

A rebate on my house? I’ve never heard of such a thing. Should I consult my lawyer?

Not only is it legal in New York State, but the practice of brokers providing rebates to buyers is also actually encouraged by our state’s government. New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman wrote this letter encouraging rebates as a method in which to promote better competition in the residential real estate industry.

Does the rebate go on my HUD form?

No, the rebate does not appear on the HUD form. It is paid separately, at/or post-closing.

I’ve been working with some of the more popular brokers in the area. They’ve never mentioned a rebate. Why not?

That’s probably because the business model for a traditional broker doesn’t allow them to pay out rebates and they are not incentivized to do so. Traditional brokers usually have substantial overhead on lavish office space, expensive phone systems, extensive use of printed marketing materials, and other costs common with the traditional brokerage model. At NestEdge, we run lean. No lavish office space. No expensive phone systems. No cardboard-printed mailers. We save that money…and pass the savings on to our clients.

I live in New York State, but outside of Westchester County. Can I still use your services?

In most cases, yes. Contact us!

I don’t need a broker. I just prefer to run with it myself. But I’d still like a rebate. What should I do?

At NestEdge, we are happy to be involved AS MUCH or AS LITTLE as you like. If you would like us to be at all showings, your inspection, deeply rooted in the negotiation, and at the closing…we will do ALL OF THAT. If you prefer to run the show yourself and call us at the end, you can do that too. Just call us prior to locating your dream home and we’ll guide you on how to handle either scenario or one in between.

Is my rebate Taxable?

The IRS determined in a private letter ruling that rebates granted to buyers from brokers are not taxable, instead, the rebate would decrease the cost basis for the home when it is eventually sold. For example, if a buyer receives a $10,000 rebate on an $800,000 purchase, the cost basis of the property at the time of sale would be $790,000 as opposed to $800,000. Although private letter rulings are only binding on the party to whom the ruling is issued, NestEdge operates pursuant to the IRS’s guidance in this ruling and does not issue clients 1099 in connection with the rebate. We always advise clients to consult with a tax professional with respect to the tax implications of the rebate. The IRS ruling can be found here.

When will my rebate be calculated? How much will I get?

Your rebate is calculated and presented to you prior to you signing the contract. The rebate varies on a number of factors including how many homes we showed you and the collected commission amount. We can always estimate the rebate when you see a particular home. Just ask!!!

Are all properties and clients eligible for a rebate?

Clients directly referred from paid sources such as Zillow & Trulia, clients who see more than 25 properties with our agents and clients who have been engaged with NestEdge for 6 months prior to signing a contract are not eligible for a rebate. Rebates are also not offered on Land, Knock-downs, New Construction or clients completing a concurrent purchase & sale.

Will a seller give me a better deal on my own without a broker?

If a buyer is not represented by a broker, the selling broker would keep the entire commission (typically 6%). Further, the selling broker can not legally give you a discount due to your lack of representation. By using NestEdge, you are guaranteed to take home a portion of the broker’s commission.

I see that the sellers for the homes I am interested in are generally listed by major brokerage houses in my area. Will those brokers work with you?

We are a members of Hudson Gateway. As members, all brokerage houses are contractually obligated to work with us, and do so willingly.

I am looking to sell my home. Can NestEdge offer a rebate for selling my home also?

Absolutely. Contact us and we’ll explain the details.

According to New York Real Property Law section 442-h, what are your standardized operating procedures?

Prospective clients DO NOT need to show identification, Clients ARE NOT required to sign exclusive broker agreements and Pre-Approvals ARE required in order to view properties. Read the document here.

How much are closing costs?

Closing costs are fees charged for services and administrative tasks associated with the purchase or sale of a home. The total amount of closing costs can vary depending on your situation but typically range from 2-5% of the home’s purchase price.

The exact nature of the closing costs will differ based on a variety of factors including location, property type, and loan program. Generally speaking, they may include attorney fees, title search fees, appraisal fees, land survey fees, recording fee taxes as well as other miscellaneous charges such as postage and notary service expenses.

Although closing costs may seem daunting at first glance it is important to remember that they are an essential part of any real estate transaction and are necessary in order to ensure all parties are protected throughout the process. As such it is wise to be prepared ahead of time by understanding what types of costs you should expect so you can budget accordingly and make sure that everything goes smoothly with your home purchase or sale!

How do I find the best realtor near me?

Finding the best realtor near me can seem like a daunting task. However, with the right research and guidance, choosing a reliable and experienced real estate professional to guide you through your home-buying or selling journey doesn’t have to be difficult. Here’s how to go about it:

First of all, talk to friends and family who have recently purchased or sold a home in your vicinity. Ask them if they were happy with their real estate agent. If they recommend one then you can use them as a reference point for further researching potential agents.

Next, research licensed realtors in your area by looking at resources like The National Association of Realtors or local listings on reputable sites such as Zillow or Trulia. Read over each agent’s profile to get insights into their past experiences, areas of expertise, customer reviews, and so on. Make sure that the person you choose has appropriate certifications from credible institutions before engaging any services from them as this is an indication that they value quality service standards for their clients’ needs.

Thank you to Elizabeth Shepard for sharing this information with us!