Through my time working in the Westchester Real Estate Market I have come in contact with all types of clients. Some are just starting their search and learning all there is to know about the various towns and highest ranked Westchester school districts. Others are further down the path towards purchasing a new home in Chappaqua, Scarsdale or elsewhere.

Highest Ranked Schools

All of my clients have one thing in common; They are going to receive a broker commission rebate that is higher than the Redfin Rebate and they are going to receive service better than they will have received with Purplebricks in Westchester County. And the rebate might even help you avoid the mansion tax in New York. But that is where the similarities end.

I have some clients who will look at between 15 and 30 properties (or more) and believe it or not, I have some clients who will see one house…and buy it. Yes, this really happens. But it shouldn’t.

This isn’t a Honda Civic, a tennis racket or a strip steak. This is a life decision. Looking at one house…one time…is NOT a wise decision. I urge my clients to return to their dream house, at least twice, before deciding to take the plunge.

Why? It could feel different depending on the time of day. You may notice something you didn’t like that you failed to notice the first time through. Those you bring with you on the second visit might point out a fatal flaw. The decision is too big to take lightly or to finalize quickly.

My advice: See the property more than once. Think about the Property Taxes in Westchester, think about the commute times….the school district…the land….the condition. Life decisions aren’t made in 15 minutes.