How Long Does a Home Renovation Take in Westchester County?

How Long Does a Home Renovation Take in Westchester County?

Most of my clients have the ideal property they want already built in their heads. It is in a highly ranked Westchester School District, it was renovated within the last 6 months by a top contractor and designer, it has low property taxes for Westchester County, it is on a large piece of land and it doesn’t need any improvements.


Welcome to the world of Westchester County Real Estate. Like any other place, the perfect property does not exist. But that doesn’t mean it cannot be created.
As part of almost every tour with my clients through new homes in Chappaqua or Scarsdale, some version of this question is asked:
“How long would it take to renovate a “Bathroom / Kitchen”? While I am not a contractor, I have been through enough renovations and guided enough clients to be at the point of knowing roughly what certain projects might cost and how long they might take.
Something that often complicates these answers for my clients is that they generally have very tight timelines in which to work and want the work to be done right after closing, but before they move in.
So how long do things generally take? And can they be done while a house is being lived in?
Here are some time estimates for a 3000-square-foot home in Westchester County…
Stain and Refinish wood floors: Assuming we are sanding, doing one coat of stain and 3 coats of polyurethane, it would be a one-week project. Floors should always come first, the house generally cannot be occupied and the property should be free of furniture.
Repair walls and paint: 2 weeks for a normally sized crew, preferably while the house is not occupied.
Replace roof: Some companies with large crews can do it in a day. Most would take about a week.
Replace HVAC Equipment: One Day per item
Renovate typical bathroom (No plumbing or electrical moves): One Week
Renovate Kitchen: 10 Weeks after demolition, with a large portion of that time dedicated to waiting for cabinets
At NestEdge, a bulk of our clients use Westchester County licensed and insured contractors. We are happy to recommend several, who our clients have used and adored. But we can also do one more very important thing…
We can help pay for your renovation. How?
Easy…if you buy a home through NestEdge Realty we will provide a large broker commission rebate. In essence, we share our commission with our buyers legally and tax-free. That cash can offset closing costs, pay for a renovation, or even fund a well-earned post-move vacation!!!

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