6 Reasons Realtors Should Work For NestEdge Realty

6 Reasons Realtors Should Work For NestEdge Realty

Realtors are independent contractors, not employees. Realtors who work for any brokerage agency are truly running their own business with the support of that agency.

Home buyers

90% of home buyers ultimately find the home they eventually purchase on an aggregator site such as Zillow or Trulia. That statistic alone makes the bulk of the services offered by traditional agencies obsolete.
With the typical realtor in Westchester County earning a commission split between 45% and 65%, realtors need to ask themselves – ”what am I getting in return for the 35% to 55% I am giving away to the shop that holds my license?”
Here are 6 things that NestEdge Realty offers realtors that the traditional agency can’t:
  1. Nestedge offers higher commission splits than any traditional agency in the area. Even before a realtor executes a single deal, NestEdge will pay a minimum 80% split. Experienced agents may start higher.

  2. No additional fees, not ever, not for anything! NestEdge pays for each realtor to have a dedicated phone number, email, and a personally branded website. In addition, NestEdge pays for insurance and listing fees for every realtor hired.

  3. NestEdge offers free leads, every month for the location in which the Realtor chooses. NestEdge leads become your clients.

  4. The option to offer rebates should you choose to. The traditional agency has to pay for rent, computers, phones, support staff, and marketing that doesn’t work. So the 35% to 55% you are currently paying for every deal you close, does nothing for you. NestEdge doesn’t have those costs so those dollars can be used to offer rebates to your clients. Just think, if a client buys a $ 1 million home through a traditional brokerage firm they get nothing at closing other than the home. If that same buyer works with NestEdge, you can offer them a Broker Commission Rebate check for $15,000. Wouldn’t they rather work with you? Of course they would, it’s an easy way to sign up a client.

  5. The ability to list a home for as low as 3%. Again, since you don’t need to pay 35% to 55% to the brokerage, you can easily undercut the competition. If you tell the seller of a $ 1 million home that you can save them $20k worth of commissions and still offer the same service, wouldn’t they sign on with you in a heartbeat?

  6. No sales meetings, no quotas, no mandatory desk time, and no sales manager to report to. You run your business, your way, on your time.
Whether you’re a part-time realtor who does 1 deal a year or a rainmaker who closes 3 deals a week, NestEdge favors the realtor, not the agency. Contact Us or Call us, and put more of your own hard-earned money in your pocket. (914) 502-4974.

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