4 Lies Your Agent Will Tell You in Order to Get a Listing

4 Lies Your Agent Will Tell You in Order to Get a Listing

Agents are predators. They prey on sellers who don’t know there is a better way, a cheaper way, to sell their home.
Traditionally, Realtors will charge a homeowner 6% of the price the seller receives from the transaction. Does that seem exorbitant? It is.

To convince a homeowner to list a property

An agent will often launch a propaganda campaign intended to brainwash a homeowner who has little knowledge of Westchester Real Estate. What will the agent tell you to convince you to hand over 6% of your equity?
  1. “I have buyers.” Realtors love this one. It’s untrue. Motivated buyers NEVER say to a realtor” Once you find a house to list I’ll buy it”. It’s laughable. Buyers all have unique tastes and requirements. They seek EXACTLY what they want. Over 90% of buyers first see the property they ultimately purchase on a site such as Trulia or Zillow. They aren’t just waiting around for a broker to have a listing, they actively search for what they want. If your house is what a buyer wants, they’ll see it online. This isn’t 1982.

  2. “My firm is the best in the business at Marketing and will attract buyers.” Again untrue. Sites like Zillow and Trulia show off the home and pull the listings from the MLS. It is two things only that attract buyers at first glance. 1) Photos 2) Price. Glossy brochures don’t sell homes. Neither do freshly baked cookies at an open house.

  3. “I can get you the price you want. My competitor can’t”. Ummm, no they can’t. Your home will sell for whatever the most motivated buyer is willing to pay. Not less, not more. There is no magic wand an agent can use to increase Westchester Property Valuations.

  4. “I can sell for lower commissions than my competition.” This might have been true at some point, but no longer. The truth now, NestEdge can list as low as 3% and offer every single service a traditional broker can and some that they can’t.
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