We are in a brave new world of buying and selling Real Estate in Westchester County. Whether you are shopping for Homes in Chappaqua, Property in Scarsdale or Condos in White Plains, the little-known truth is this:

Broker Commission Rebate

Home Buyers can get cash back in the form of a Broker Commission Rebate. That rebate, which in essence is a portion of the buyer’s agents commission…can legally come back to the buyer at the closing table and it is tax-free.

If a buyer can share in his or her agent’s commission while receiving the same level of service that they would with a traditional realtor…. this proposition is a slam dunk for the home buyer. Or is it?

Enter the Redfin Rebate. And enter my firm, NestEdge Realty.

There is one huge similarity. We both offer Broker Commission Rebates. But that is where the similarities, from my research, seem to end.

What is the Redfin experience like? I can’t say for sure…i’ve never used them, but I invite you to research it. The reviews are everywhere:

Like this one: https://mustardseedmoney.com/redfin-vs-traditional-agent/
And this one: https://wallethacks.com/buying-a-home-with-redfin-vs-full-service-agent/
And this one: https://www.biggerpockets.com/forums/12/topics/116293-redfin-experience-am-i-being-unreasonable
And all of these: https://www.consumeraffairs.com/housing/redfin.html?#sort=recent&filter=1

And how does NestEdge operate?

  • NestEdge employs tried and true, full time, local living agents.
  • NestEdge treats each customer like a traditional realty client.
  • NestEdge assigns an agent to a customer…and that agent works with the customer until they close on that perfect property.
  • NestEdge pays its agents handsomely, and thus incentives its agents, highly

And…NestEdge will beat the quoted Redfin Rebate, every time….and often double or triple it!!!

So gives us a call at 917-817-8270 or drop us an email at info@nestedgerealty.com. We want to work for you…and we will pay you for the privilege.