I just got back from a walkthrough with a client. But this wasn’t a typical walk-through. A typical walkthrough is completed right before closing. This client closed months ago.

Let me explain. When I started selling Westchester Real Estate, I strived to make my company…and my service…different. In addition to paying our clients and reducing their closing costs via Broker Commission Rebates, I wanted to help not only in the sales process….but after the sale as well.

The clients I visited today bought a new home in Chappaqua. They also sold their home in Chappaqua after I charged a very low commission which allowed them to keep their hard -earned equity.

Today I spent about an hour walking through and giving opinions on their renovation. This particular client won’t be staying in this home very long, so they needed advice on which renovation projects would yield the best return. The client also knows that can call me at any time…with any question…and I will be there to assist.

I make it a job to text and check in with at least one former client every night. So, if you work with NestEdge, be prepared to a relationship that doesn’t end when the deal does.