Newly constructed house

Buying a newly constructed house is always exciting. You have the option of picking the features you want. However, there are challenges associated with a brand new house. You have to make sure your builder is reputable, the community is sound and the house will be ready when you are. Here are some tips to help you avoid some of the drawbacks that may happen when buying a newly constructed house:

Find an agent who has experience in new construction. An agent who regularly deals with builders and has worked in your community will provide a lot of helpful information.

Check review sites, state licensing boards and local court records to make sure that the builder you are considering has not run into any trouble such as complaints from licensing agencies and disciplinary actions by state and local agencies. You can also search online for reviews and testimonials.

Get the help of an experienced and reputable home contractor or inspector to do a thorough inspection. If the house is currently being constructed, have the inspector walk through the unfinished home.

Most builders offer warranties, but not all warranties are created equal. It is important to know what is and is not covered. Your builder should provide details on which part of the home is covered by which policy.

Do not sign any documents until everything has been negotiated, agreed upon and written into a contract. Verbal conversations are not legally binding. All important information must be put in writing and signed by all the parties.

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