The Best Restaurants in Northern Westchester (According to me)

The Best Restaurants in Northern Westchester (According to me)

Part of educating yourself on Westchester Real Estate lies outside of just the properties…

Moving to the Burb’s was a big decision for my family, probably one of the biggest we’ve ever faced. And I am quite confident we’ve made the right decision, but that is another post for another day.
Sure, there are downsides to living in the suburbs and I expected most of them. The one I didn’t consider was the food. Make no mistake: The restaurants in the Suburbs cannot approach the selection, quantity, or quality that is offered in New York City.
Do you want Ramen Noodles at 3 am? Not happening. Diner food delivered to your door in 10 minutes? Good luck. If you’re going to make the leap and come up North, you need to alter your expectations.
But it’s not all bad. There are some excellent choices up here, they are just not as easy to come by. So here are some of my favorites.


The Beehive: Located in Armonk, this brunch is the best I’ve had locally. Try the Cornflake Crusted French Toast or the “Slamon Betty” which is Smoked Salmon, Poached Eggs, and Hollandaise on an English Muffin. Great for kids!
Countryside Kitchen: Located in Mahopac, this is where to go for Pancakes. It’s like IHOP, but about 1000 times better. The pancake selection alone boggles the mind and tempts the pallet. Don’t miss the ‘Cannoli Pancakes’ or my son's favorite, the ‘Birthday Cake Pancakes’. Great for kids!


Mount Kisco Diner: The prices here certainly approach “Restaurant” instead of Diner, but make no mistake, it’s a diner. The quality is excellent for anything from Eggs to Fish. Be prepared to wait at busy hours but it’s well worth it. Great for kids!


Sushi Mike’s: If Sushi Mike’s in Dobb’s Ferry has any competition for the best Sushi in Westchester, I haven’t found it yet. A great sushi bar needs to nail two things: Freshness and Creativity. Sushi Mike’s nails both. Don’t miss the “Out of Control Roll”


Truck: Farm-to-table Mexican located in Bedford. Unlike most Mexican joints, you won’t feel like you’ve gained 25 pounds walking out. The food is creative and lighter than typical Mexican. A bad meal at Truck is impossible, and the kick-ass margaritas make it even better.
Hacienda La Paloma: This is more “traditional” Mexican than Truck but it’s great in its own right. Fajitas, Tacos & Burritos in a fun environment. Great for kids!!!


Fortina: Located in Armonk, this is not traditional Italian. Fortina offers a truly unique menu and you cannot wrong with anything you order. The Meatballs and the Wood-Fired Paccheri are two highlights.
Zero Otto Nove: I’ve only been here once but cannot wait to go again. The La San Matteo pizza still has me drooling.


Village Social: I’ve probably been here 20 times and I am still looking forward to 21. The Chef, who trained at both Nobu & Jean-Georges offers amazing creations on his ever-changing menu. I have three favorite items here; The Shishito Peppers, Pretzel Tuna, and Skirt Steak Bowl.
The Cookery: Unique does not even begin to describe it. The menu frequently changes at this restaurant which describes itself as an “Italian Gastro Pub”. Don’t forget to order the Lamb Bolognese for the table and side of the Creamy White Polenta.
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