I’ve been awake since 1975. I wake up every single day and my life progresses from one day to the next. This is true for almost everybody…well….except for Real Estate Brokers. They haven’t changed in my entire lifetime…and they will soon go the way of the dinosaur.

Brokers still operate like it’s 1975. Evidently, they don’t know that the internet even exists. They operate in the belief that you, the home buyer, has absolutely no knowledge of the marketplace and no ability to obtain that knowledge. If Marty McFly got into the DeLorean in 1975, his broker would appear unchanged in 2017. So how does a broker waste your time (and Money)?

They ask you to review the search they’ve done for you. Evidently, they don’t realize that the exact same MLS listings they tell you only they can get are the same listings you just saw on Trulia and Zillow. It’s like needing information and instead of going to google yourself, you call and ask somebody to google something for you.

They walk you through a home and point out the painfully obvious. “The Living Room has a window” or “The Buyers really thought out the space and decided that the oven should be placed in the kitchen.” You don’t need that. Only a buyer knows if a house is right for them. They steer you to homes that they earn the most money on, not necessarily the home that is best for you. A broker who has a listing makes the double the commission if you buy their home instead of somebody else’s. Also, some homes offer higher commissions than others. Which one do you think they’ll show you first? They keep the commission they didn’t earn and don’t deserve. Did you know that if you bought a 1 million dollar home, the seller pays your broker 30k? For what…opening a door and sending a couple of emails? Really?!?!?

It’s time for a change. At NestEdge, We’ll share our commission with you…and put YOUR money back in YOUR pocket.