Westchester County offer Home Buyers Advantages that Long Island, Northern Jersey and Connecticut Cannot

As the founder of NestEdge Realty, I am focused on selling Real Estate in Westchester County. I have many different kinds of clients. I have retirees who are downsizing, families looking to upgrade their home and investors looking to fix and flip. I enjoy working with all of them.

I have one type of client which makes up a bulk of my business; growing families looking to move to the suburbs from New York City or the areas surrounding New York City.

These types of buyers typically want a to find a location that is easily commutable to New York City, offers the type of property that they want, within a top-rated school district and at a comfortable price-point. My buyers generally consider Long Island, Northern New Jersey, Connecticut….and Westchester County.

In my mind, Westchester County offers the optimal mix of advantages. To me, it’s a no-brainer. Here are five big reasons why.

1) Location of Westchester County

Westchester sits just north of New York City, starting at the Bronx border. The County is easily accessible by major highways, by bus and via the the Metro-North Railroad. My wife travels frequently for her career and travel time to and from the airports are a major concern. JFK, LaGuardia and Newark Airport (less so) are all easily accessible in less than one hour. And if you’re traveling regionally, there is nothing better than flying out of White Plains Airport. From my home in Chappaqua, I can leave 30 minutes before my flight and be through security with plenty of time to spare.

The White Plains Airport offers Westchester Residents easy and quick regional flights without the hassle of major airports

2) Great Commute Times

Metro-North is amazing. Grand Central Terminal is reachable quickly and easily via express trains during rush hour. Train commute times take as little as 25 minutes from Pelham, 30 minutes from Scarsdale, 35 minutes from Rye, 45 minutes from Chappaqua and 50 minutes from Somers. Trains are predictable. Buses, which would be the main form of commuting to Manhattan from New Jersey are subject to massive traffic delays. Train commutes from Long Island only go to Penn Station or Brooklyn, which is not convenient for most commuters.

The Commute from Westchester County to Manhattan is quick and predictable.

3) Top Rated Schools

One of the main drivers for people moving to Westchester County are the availability of an array of New York State’s Top Rated School Districts. As a realtor, I am not legally permitted to share opinions on school districts, but we invite you to look at the ratings and judge for yourself.

4) A Wide Variety of Housing Stock

There are Single Family Homes, Townhomes, Co-ops and Condos for every taste and budget. We have homes built in the 1800’s and homes being built today. Westchester County offers waterfront homes with amazing views, estates secluded in wooden areas, smaller properties located near town centers and everything in between. Whether you are looking to spend 300 thousand dollars or 3 million dollars, Westchester County has options. Are the taxes lower in Connecticut compared to Westchester? Yes, but home costs are considerably higher.

5) Westchester has it all

Amazing restaurants, shopping galore and entertainment options rivaling even the best major urban centers. Beaches and hiking are never more than minutes away.

The reasons above are just of the tip of the iceberg so we invite you to schedule a visit and see for yourself. NestEdge Realty offers free accompanied tours of the county where you’ll be paired with an agent who will show you all of the different areas of the county. And when you’re ready to buy, we’ll share our commission with you via a Broker Commission Rebate.