The Real Estate Market has changed drastically, not only in Westchester County, but nationally. The manner in which buyers and sellers find each other is unrecognizable now compared to 15 years ago.

But Realtors are the same. They still try to employ the same tired, unimaginative strategies they did 30 years ago. And worse…they still want to charge you a 6% commission to do so.

So what strategies will brokers employ now, that simply don’t work anymore?

  1. Open Houses. Perhaps the biggest time waster of them all. Open houses require the home owner to leave their home and allow strangers to wander around the most personal of spaces. 99% of the people who come in are either “Nosey Neighbors” or people who simply enjoy looking at homes in their free time as a hobby. And the other 1%? If they are truly interested, they’ll call and make an appointment.
  2. Glossy Pamphlets. Nobody ever purchased a home because of an impressive packet of glossy photos. This isn’t a luxury sedan.
  3. Baked goods. Sure, we all love a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie at a showing. But you can probably buy the same cookie at the local bakery without an appointment. Does anybody say, “That was delicious, I’ll buy the house?!”
  4. Mass Email Blasts. Realtors love to tell you “We have a database of buyers we will contact about your home.” WRONG. Buyers aren’t in a database. They are online furiously refreshing Trulia and Zillow and waiting for that perfect listing. Buyers actively search, they don’t wait to be contacted.
  5. Hiding the bad and the ugly. Selling a home that sits under power lines? Buyers are going to see them. Is the street Highly Trafficked? Buyers will notice that too. Buyers are smarter than you give them credit for. These types of items will be discovered. Just be upfront and honest.

If you’re selling your home, don’t assume that strategies that worked in the 1980’s will work today. You need to tailor your strategy for today’s market. Part of that strategy is not paying a realtor 6% when the internet is doing a bulk of the work.

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