Sell Your Home In Westchester Without Overpaying Your Real Estate Agent

Sell Your Home In Westchester Without Overpaying Your Real Estate Agent

It’s Your Equity, Don’t Waste It!

Selling your home is never an easy decision. Whether you are a first-time seller, trading up or downsizing, the decision to sell, when to sell, and how much to sell for can all feel like earth shattering choices. Choosing your real estate agent shouldn’t be difficult.

NestEdge agents are trustworthy, experienced, licensed professionals who not only bring expertise and knowledge to sellers, but will do it for half of the commission of a traditional broker.

You’ve loved your house since the day you bought it

You made it your home. You have memories here. But it was also like having another job. You invested in fixes, you renovated the space, you replaced the roof and you designed the perfect kitchen of your dreams. You invested a small fortune into making your property the gem it is today.

But life changes. And it’s time to move on. It’s time to sell your baby and move onto greener pastures. It’s time to get your equity out. It’s yours, and you deserve it.

And soon, the inevitable will happen. The local Realtors hear through the grapevine that you’re thinking of selling and they start circling like vultures over a deer carcass.

What will the traditional broker do?

Well, here’s what they won’t do

Fact: 90% of homebuyers find the home they ultimately purchase on Zillow, Trulia or a similar website.

Traditional brokers no longer find the buyer. Traditional brokers can no longer justify the full commission.

So what DO they do? They’ll take some photos, write up a description and place the listing on the MLS and other websites. Once a buyer emerges, they help negotiate, arrange inspections and appraisals, attend the closing and make sure the transaction goes smoothly.

Is it work? Sure. Is it necessary? Yes. Is it worth 6% of your home? HELL NO!

Don’t let them take 6% of YOUR equity

They didn’t help fix the house. They didn’t help renovate it. They didn’t make any mortgage payments. It’s a trap – don’t fall for it – there is a better way!


FACT: 90% of buyers find the home they’ll ultimately buy on Zillow, Trulia or a similar website.

NestEdge does everything a traditional broker does, with more efficiency and productivity – for less money.

Our Process

1. 1. Assess your house, compare sales and market competition for your property and determine a fair market value

2. Recommend a pricing strategy

3. Assist the seller in staging the home and preparing for a sale

4. We send our professional photographer to shoot your home. We will take still photos, virtual tours, and drone photos.
Remember, photos and price are the two most important facets to home listings online

5. Ensure the listing is posted on the MLS and shows properly on Zillow, Trulia, and all major aggregator sites

6. Carry out targeted social media marketing via facebook and google AdWords

7. Accompany showings. Most brokers leave a lockbox on your door and don’t even attend. At NestEdge, we make every attempt to attend showings, conduct tours and point out the critical facets of your property that an unaccompanied buy
would likely miss

8. Assist in negotiations

9. Attend all inspections and appraisals and assist seller in any needed tasks as closing approaches

10. Attend the closing…and allow the seller to hold onto their hard-earned equity

Home Value Request

How much money is my home or real estate property worth?

Pricing your home is not easy. If you ask too much it may never sell, asking too little throws away hard earned equity. A NestEdge we offer a free Market Analysis that will show current selling prices for similar properties to assist you in uncovering the current value of your property.