Whether you are looking for Real Estate in Westchester County or anywhere else in the Country; Zillow, Trulia or the other popular ‘aggregator sites’ are great tools at the disposal of home buyers. In fact, these websites have balanced out the access to information so much so, that arguments can be made that Realtors are far less necessary than they used to be. This fact in particular is the reason that NestEdge Realty offers Tax-Free Broker Commission Rebates to its clients as a benefit of using our servicers. In some cases, that even allows home buyers in New York to avoid paying the mansion tax.

But is there a downside to Zillow? Sure… First, the Zestimate is really a useless number and should be avoided. Second, and more importantly is that sometimes Zillow gives inaccurate information in terms of Westchester School District Zoning and Property Taxes in Westchester.

For school districts, we get phone calls almost weekly with clients wanting to see a certain home, only to wind up surprised when we tell them which school district a specific property is zoned for. A good example is many homes listed in Zillow in Mount Kisco are actually zoned for the Bedford School District as opposed to the Chappaqua School district. We can always verify this information for you.

As far as Westchester property tax estimates on Zillow and other sites, they often vary wildly from reality and even if the numbers were once accurate they are often extremely outdated. Not only can NestEdge quickly provide an accurate assessment, we can also share our opinion as to whether the property taxes are likely to rise or fall based on current valuations on file with the town clerk.

Call us…we’re here to help. And we’ll share our commission with you too!!!