I love my job selling Real Estate in Westchester County and giving my clients broker commission rebates that are more than the Redfin Rebate. Whether we are looking at Chappaqua Homes for Sale or Scarsdale Homes for sale, I only have smart home buying clients in 3 categories:

1- A home buyer who views their home purchase as an investment.
2- A home buyer who views their home purchase as an item they will live in and enjoy.
3- A home buyer who sees it as both.

A home buyer who views their home purchase as an investment is the most common. It makes the search scientific & mathematical. My analysis skills frequently come into play, we utilize terms like ‘Cash flow’ and ‘Earn Back’, and I spend hours on end preparing the comps. A client who feels like he or she has “obtained value” is happy at the closing table.

A home buyer who views the purchase as an item that they will ‘live in and enjoy’ for years to come is the most fun for me. The focus of the search becomes more of an art than a science. The client is buying a house that looks right and feels right instead of one that only looks great on paper. A client of mine is installing a gunite pool, hot-tub and a covered outdoor living room in an area where I advised him that he isn’t likely to get one penny of that extravagant expense back. But he’s doing it because he says “it will make him happy”. And I respect that.

The buyer who sees it as both an investment and an item they will enjoy is the toughest client for me…and also the most common. The property needs to be priced right….taxed right….in the Westchester School District…in great shape…and have classic appeal. And guess what else….I love the challenge. Bring it on!!!

Buy Smart!!!